Unreal Engine 5.1 is live: here's some game snippets to get you hyped for its potential

by Cam Brierley  ·  Updated 
Unreal Engine 5.1 is live: here's some game snippets to get you hyped for its potential
Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine and Unity rule the roost when it comes to game engines. These are the creation tools that developers use to bring our favorite worlds to life, which means that as these engines progress, so too does the ceiling that modern games can reach.

On November 15, 2022, Epic Games announced that the latest version of Unreal Engine, 5.1, was live. We’re not here to tell you about all of the new features that have been added; that’s been covered thoroughly in the official blog post. Instead, we wanted to highlight some of the exciting projects in development utilizing Unreal Engine 5 to whet your appetite for what’s to come.

1. Blight: Survival from Haenir Studio

The visuals in this gameplay snippet really speak for themselves — they’re stunning. The content is graphic, but we think anybody can appreciate how gorgeous the game world is. What’s more, the game is being created by only two developers.

  • Genre: medieval action-horror

  • Release date: TBA

  • Steam page

2. The Invincible from Starward Industries

A lighter showcase of Unreal Engine 5, The Invincible is an upcoming title that will have you exploring the uncharted planet of Regis III. The moment you see the landscape we think you’ll understand why we had to include it in this list. It’s a gorgeous portrayal of a well-lit sci-fi world that we can’t wait to play.

  • Genre: sci-fi adventure; atompunk

  • Release date: 2023

  • Steam page

3. Untitled from Artur Łączkowski

So, we know the details are a bit unclear in this one, but hear us out. Or rather, watch the clip (though be warned: it’s pretty scary) and you’ll be as excited about the gaming experiences that Unreal Engine 5 can create as we are. In just 22 seconds, we’re shown a very realistic house environment along with a scene that will have your insides squirming, all of it in picture-perfect clarity.

4. The Trench Tales by Unnamed Studio

This game is still in early development, but once more we’re treated to spectacular visuals in the gameplay snippets that the developers have shared. A gritty third-person war game, we think this is one our shooter fans should keep an eye on if they enjoy blasting doors open with shotguns (and, like, who doesn’t?)

5. Project LLL from NCSoft

From Guild Wars developer NCSoft comes Project LLL, an in-development MMO shooter set in a sci-fi version of Seoul, South Korea. ‘MMO shooter?’ you might say, and you’d be fair to do so. It’s certainly an odd concept and one that we’re curious to see if they can pull off effectively. The trailer is in Korean, but you can turn on closed captions for the English translations.

6. ILL from Team CLOUT

ILL is another horror game (we’re not trying to scare you, promise), this time from indie developer Team CLOUT. From the intro segment onwards, we think you’ll be impressed with how immersive the visuals are. There’s abandoned office buildings, gloomy apartment corridors, and a dark forest showcased in the trailer — everything a horror game needs.


Excited for the next few years of game releases now? Maybe a bit scared? We wouldn’t blame you.

Either way, Unreal Engine 5.1 is only set to improve this, with some of its features being focused around lighting, reflections, and performance.

Here’s to the future of gaming, then.

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