Latest Developments in Star Citizen Unveiled at CitizenCon 2953

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Latest Developments in Star Citizen Unveiled at CitizenCon 2953
Cloud Imperium Games

The highly anticipated game, Star Citizen, took center stage at CitizenCon 2953, an event organized by Cloud Imperium Games. In a live stream from Los Angeles, developers showcased numerous new features and technological advancements for the ambitious multiplayer, space trading, and combat simulation game. The event marked the first on-site CitizenCon in four years, attracting a massive audience.

One of the highlights of the presentation was the technological progress made in the Star Engine, the game's foundation. Cloud Imperium Games demonstrated advanced lighting and cloud systems, with realistic light refraction through clouds and dynamic fire mechanics that can spread based on material and be extinguished using various methods. The game's environmental realism extended to new water physics and dynamic simulations of body fluids like sweat, blood, and tears.

In addition to the technical advancements, gameplay aspects were discussed. The presentation covered ship engineering, power management for large spaceships, complex damage systems, and improvements to the user interface, including a 3D ship overview. New ships, including the A1 Spirit, RSI Zeus, and Scout, were also introduced.

However, despite these developments, the game's release date remains elusive, leaving fans eagerly anticipating further updates on Star Citizen's progress.

Watch more of the demo here.

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