Dynamic Stylized Water Shader Crafted in Blender

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Dynamic Stylized Water Shader Crafted in Blender
Deny Soares Trevisan

Blender enthusiast Deny Soares Trevisan, a seasoned Blender user with more than 10 years of experience, has introduced an exciting new water shader using geometry nodes simulation. This shader creates moving water in a unique artistic way.

Deny shared his discovery on Twitter, showcasing a water shader that reacts dynamically. He achieved this by using Blender's geometry nodes simulation, which generates directions based on how an empty object moves. These directions are gradually faded over time and are then used to control how the shader's coordinates change.

This creation highlights how procedural techniques in Blender can be used innovatively. Deny's approach to using direction vectors and shader coordinates demonstrates how artistic and technical aspects can blend seamlessly, leading to a realistic and eye-catching water shader. The water shader illustrates the evolving landscape of 3D graphics in Blender's creative community.

You can download the shader here.

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