"Dreamcore" seeks to elevate the "backrooms" horror genre with fully hand-crafted environments

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"Dreamcore" seeks to elevate the "backrooms" horror genre with fully hand-crafted environments
Dreamcore by ValenQpr

"Dreamcore" is a chilling, first-person psychological horror experience that draws its eerie inspiration from the "backrooms" genre. In this unsettling Liminal Spaces title, you'll navigate through expansive, mysterious spaces, unraveling secrets and solving intricate puzzles in a bid to escape.

While the full release aims to offer an array of backroom-influenced settings, the current demo zeroes in on "The Poolrooms"—a sprawling subterranean swimming pool facility that could take hours to exhaustively explore.

Dreamcore by VaIenQpr

The awesome Alpha Beta Gamer YouTube channel has over 30 minutes of footage available to watch in 4k:

Though aimless wandering is an option, the game entices the player with its hidden secrets, unsettling monster encounters, eerie occurrences, and mental gymnastics in the form of puzzles.

Players have the opportunity to experience two main endings—and a possible glitched one—all requiring the elusive flashlight that randomly spawns within the enormous environment.

Dreamcore by VaIenQpr

Despite the increasing number of backroom-themed games, "Dreamcore" seeks to distinguish itself with its exceptional scope and attention to detail. Unlike many games in the genre that rely on procedural generation, each area in "Dreamcore" is individually crafted to be unique, promising fresh surprises and spine-tingling elements at every turn.

Highly recommended for fans of the genre, the beta demo is now available to download on Steam.

It's also well worth following @DreamcoreGame and its Argentinian developer @VaIenQpr on X.

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