Solo indie developer shares new look at "infinidrift", an upcoming mobile roguelite arcade drifting game made with UE5

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Solo indie developer shares new look at "infinidrift", an upcoming mobile roguelite arcade drifting game made with UE5
"i n f i n i d r i f t"

A solo indie developer has shared a new update on the development of "infinidrift", an innovative procedural low-poly endless runner for Android and iOS.

Built with cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5, infinidrift promises to bring a unique blend of arcade drifting and roguelite elements to mobile platforms, offering gamers an engaging and fresh experience.

With its European environment, the game features traffic signs and scenes that are consistent with the EU, providing a cohesive and immersive setting for players to explore.

The developer has recently shared insights into the game's progress on various social media platforms. They revealed that the alpha version of the game has been completed, and the beta version is in the pipeline, with an expected release early next year.

The aim is seemingly to deliver a game that is perfectly suited for short gaming sessions on mobile devices, with no current plans to bring the title to PC. Unique scoring mechanics, such as backfires that provide passive bonuses, are being integrated to cater to both casual and competitive players, ensuring a broad appeal.

One of the distinguishing features of infinidrift is its scoring system, which includes a unique mechanic associated with backfires that offers a passive bonus. This makes the game accessible to casual players while also providing higher skill ceiling options for more competitive gamers.

The developer is actively seeking feedback from the community and is dedicated to delivering a game that combines a European aesthetic with fast-paced, engaging gameplay. As the game continues to take shape, mobile gamers can look forward to an exciting new addition to the endless runner genre.

Here's a peek at some gameplay footage from the recent alpha, courtesy of the Speed>Your YouTube channel:

We really, really like the look of this one and hope it comes to fruition. We'll be keeping up with its progress on X and Reddit in the coming months.

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