Bungie apologizes for Destiny 2 The Final Shape's launch issues

by Danny Craig  · 
Bungie apologizes for Destiny 2 The Final Shape's launch issues

After a number of technical and server issues affected the launch of Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion on Monday, Bungie apologized to the community and confirmed that it is still working to fix the bugs.

The details:

  • The expansion's launch kicked off with a slew of connection issues, as is common when a major update is released for the game, but later resulted in players being booted out during missions and cutscenes. The disconnects caused fans to miss out on long-awaited story content, with some failing to notice until much later.

  • Bungie has now issued an apology via X, confirming that multiple errors have been addressed, with more fixes on the way. "We built The Final Shape to be an exciting, cathartic, story-driven adventure for everyone to enjoy," the developer wrote. "We're truly sorry for connection issues and instability getting in the way of that experience, and we promise to keep working until these issues are resolved."

  • The studio also stated that if a cutscene is missed due to a technical issue, players can replay missions from a node in the middle of the Pale Heart map, with cutscenes at the end of Missions 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Bungie also stated that addressing mid-mission disconnects "remains our highest priority issue to resolve."

  • The Final Shape concludes the current Destiny saga, though Bungie has stated that it is not the end of the franchise. Leakers have claimed that the studio is currently working on Destiny 3, but it is unclear whether Bungie will have the same freedom in the future, given that Sony has been critical of its board of directors and management in recent years.

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