Bungie is reportedly working on Destiny 3, according to leaker

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Bungie is reportedly working on Destiny 3, according to leaker

Bungie has begun teasing what's next in the Destiny franchise after a February leak about Destiny 2's upcoming DLC proved to be accurate, with the leaker claiming a new entry is on the way.

The details:

  • During a livestream earlier this week, revealing additional details and gameplay from Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion, executive creative director Luke Smith hinted that Bungie will reveal more about the series' future in the coming months. “Facing The Witness is not the end of Destiny 2, and it’s definitely not the end of Destiny,” Smith said. “After you face The Witness, we’re going to tell you what’s coming next to Destiny 2 – and beyond. We’ll see you soon.”

  • Following the announcement of The Final Shape's new Prismatic subclass, fans uncovered a Reddit post from February that accurately describes its systems, including its name. “Bungie is working on a system called prism that will allow players to mix and match abilities from different subclasses,” the post reads. “This is one of the things being worked on during the delay. Imagine throwing a lightning grenade while on solar, or procing devour and rampaging with stormcaller.”

  • Due to its accuracy, fans are now focusing on claims that Destiny 3 is in development within the same post, which states that Bungie will completely remove the class system. “Destiny 3 is (was? idk) in development under code name payback,” u/32638272187 wrote. “One of the big changes for Destiny 3 is (was, again idk) for classes to no longer exist and allow any character to spec into any ability since lore wise there is no reason you couldn't (Hunters explicitly learned blink from Warlocks and blink isn't tied to a single element, hence the logic there).”

  • The leaker has since made another post clarifying the claims, confirming that Destiny 3 is not a "big DLC," but rather a new entry. They also stated that the project has been in development in some form since the release of Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion, and that they are still in contact with internal sources.

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