UE5-powered Japanese indie liminal horror game "The Exit 8" set for November 30 release

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UE5-powered Japanese indie liminal horror game "The Exit 8" set for November 30 release
"The Exit 8" by KOTAKE CREATE

KOTAKE CREATE, a Japanese indie game developer, is gearing up to release its latest Unreal Engine 5 project, "The Exit 8".

Slated for release on November 30, this short walking simulator is inspired by the eerie ambiance of Japanese underground passageways and the concept of liminal spaces.

Players find themselves trapped in an endless subterranean labyrinth, where the key to escape lies in observing anomalies in their surroundings.

With an estimated playtime of 15 to 60 minutes, The Exit 8 challenges players to discern subtle clues and make decisive choices – turn back at the sight of anomalies or continue forward when none are present.

The Exit 8 offers a unique gaming experience, emphasizing atmosphere and psychological tension over traditional action elements. The game is available in both Japanese and English, making it accessible to a wider audience.

As a testament to the indie spirit, KOTAKE encourages both individual and corporate video distributions of the game, allowing for monetization through video platform features. This open approach to content sharing reflects a growing trend among indie developers to embrace community-driven promotion.

KOTAKE's focus on using Unreal Engine 5 showcases their commitment to delivering high-quality, immersive experiences.

The Exit 8 stands out for its conceptual inspiration from "Back Room" and similar movies, tapping into the increasingly popular theme of liminal spaces in horror.

This release is poised to offer a fresh perspective on horror gaming, blending puzzle-solving with a deeply atmospheric environment, and is expected to captivate players with its unique take on the genre.

You can wishlist The Exit 8 on Steam now and follow KOTAKE CREATE on X

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