Hitmarker and Coach Alne Academy release first-of-its-kind esports career book

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Hitmarker and Coach Alne Academy release first-of-its-kind esports career book

Hitmarker, the world’s leading video game job website, has teamed up with Coach Alne Academy to produce a career-readiness book for students considering a job in esports.

The details:

  • Titled “100 Jobs in Esports”, the book offers a comprehensive view of 100 different job types in the esports industry complete with their key requirements, responsibilities, and other details to help students best prepare for the job market.

  • At the start of the book, readers have the chance to take a short personality quiz to direct them to a suitable job. From there, prompts on each page give further recommendations based on whether or not a student likes the job they’re reading about.

  • Each job page features a scannable QR code that will take readers to an additional learning resource. This is made up from a variety of helpful articles, videos, and links to certain tags on Hitmarker’s website.

  • The book has been co-produced by Hitmarker and Connor Alne, a popular esports content creator and former high school esports commissioner, and features guest segments from industry professionals like Matthew Potthoff (VP of Esports, eUnited) and Victoria Horsley (Global Competition Manager, Valorant).

  • Each of the 100 jobs detailed are split into categories based on the profession they fall under. This makes it possible for students to deep-dive into one discipline in particular, or flick through the book to get a broad view of what careers exist in esports.

  • The book is available now on 100jobsinesports.com and can be purchased as a hardcover, a classroom textbook, a student pocketbook, or viewed for free as an online flipbook.

What’s the aim of the book?

  • “This book fills a much-needed gap in the esports industry, one that I have been witnessing first hand for years,” said Connor Alne, Author of 100 Jobs in Esports. “There is no shortage of students who would love to be professional gamers, but that’s only possible for a select few. We can’t prepare every student to be a pro gamer, but we can help every student understand the career choices they have and what they need to do to start! That’s where this book comes in: to be a resource to help guide esports clubs, programs, and even classrooms in how to prepare their students for a career of excitement, adventure, and reward.”

  • “One of our goals at Hitmarker has always been to give job seekers the information they need to break into esports and gaming, an area that’s known for being difficult to enter,” added Cam Brierley, Communications Manager at Hitmarker. “Over the years we’ve done this through video content, interviews, articles, and online events. Producing something more complete, like we’ve been able to with Connor, feels like the natural way to condense all of this information so it can be accessed by as many people as possible. That’s why we’re so happy to be able to offer the online flipbook version for free, too.”

To view, purchase, or learn more about the “100 Jobs in Esports” book, click here.

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