A sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is already in the works

by Danny Craig  · 
A sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is already in the works
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Just months after the rocky launch of Jedi: Survivor, Respawn Entertainment has already begun looking for new team members to work on a third game in its successful Star Wars Jedi series.

The details:

  • As reported by Tech4Gamers, several new job listings at the studio indicate that Respawn has already begun work on a new game in the series, as it is looking for a writer, sound designer, and other positions. Some may be surprised by the news; however, series director Stig Asmussen previously stated that he had always envisioned the games as a trilogy, with discussions about the franchise's future beginning before the release of the first title, Jedi: Fallen Order, in 2019.
  • During the same interview, Asmussen stated that the third game would most likely use the newer Unreal Engine 5 rather than Jedi: Survivor's Unreal Engine 4. The studio appears to still intend to use the latest engine, as while the UE4 experience is ideal, the UE5 experience is seen as a "big plus." UE5 is quickly becoming the industry standard, enabling developers to use Lumen and Naninte to create real-time dynamic lighting and higher-quality visuals than its predecessor.
  • Despite a launch plagued by serious technical issues that caused even the most powerful PCs to struggle with performance, the latest title, Jedi: Survivor, was a huge success both commercially and critically. It was a direct sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order, with many new gameplay additions such as new combat stances, lightsaber types, and larger planets to explore, while maintaining its well-received gameplay style.

Respawn’s other Star Wars projects:

  • According to reports, the studio's Star Wars FPS will be inspired by the Jedi Knight series and may include multiplayer. The game was rumored to be a form of single-player title with a focus on the narrative, but the developer has been tight-lipped about the project thus far.
  • Respawn is also developing a strategy game set in the Star Wars universe, with Bit Reactor taking the lead on the project. The title, like its other Star Wars projects, is expected to be built in Unreal Engine 5. Similarly to the FPS title, little is known about its gameplay or setting at the moment.
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