Respawn’s upcoming Star Wars FPS is inspired by the Jedi Knight series

by Danny Craig  · 
Respawn’s upcoming Star Wars FPS is inspired by the Jedi Knight series
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A recent job listing reveals that Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars FPS will be inspired by the older, very well-received Jedi Knight shooter series.

The details:

  • A new job listing for the role of rendering engineer for the ongoing Star Wars FPS project has appeared on the company's careers site, as spotted by Exputer. This is one of many job postings that mention the Jedi Knight series as an inspiration, with the last game in the series releasing in 2003 after five installments. Respawn has been tight-lipped about the game's development thus far, so we don't know if it will borrow mechanics or features from the older franchise, but we do know it will be a single-player title running on Unreal Engine 5.
  • Respawn has a history of working on both FPS games and Star Wars IP. Until now, it has created the Titanfall series, the battle royale Apex Legends, and the critically acclaimed Jedi: Fallen Order in 2019. Fans anticipate that the upcoming title will share some gameplay elements with Apex Legends, as both fans and critics continue to praise the gunplay and movement years after its release.
  • The FPS is one of three Star Wars projects being developed by Respawn, along with The Last Jedi, Survivor, and an untitled strategy title. Jedi: Survivor was delayed in January, moving its release date from March 17 to April 28 for the development team to work on "bug fixes to improve performance, stability, polish, and, most importantly, the player experience." As for the strategy game title, we know that Bit Reactor, a strategy game-focused studio, is leading development on the project, with Respawn assisting.

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