Upcoming "weird" sandbox survival horror game "Once Human" harnesses the power of UE5

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Upcoming "weird" sandbox survival horror game "Once Human" harnesses the power of UE5
"Once Human" by Starry Studio

"Once Human," an upcoming multiplayer open-world survival game developed by Starry Studio and made using Unreal Engine 5, is hoping to redefine the genre with its unique and eerie post-apocalyptic setting.

In this game, players find themselves in a bizarre future where humanity, flora, and fauna have been infested by an alien creature known as Stardust. This contamination has given rise to Meta-Humans, who possess the ability to survive and harness the power of Stardust.

The game promises an immersive experience where players can unite with friends to fight monstrous enemies, uncover hidden plots, compete for resources, and establish their own territories.

Once Human's environment is designed to test the player's survival instincts to the fullest. Players will wake up in a hostile wilderness, where they must face the brutality of nature and the dangers posed by Stardust's influence on the ecosystem.

Consuming contaminated food and water affects players' Sanity, impacting their health and survival. In addition to environmental challenges, players will engage in combat against a variety of enemies transformed by the Stardust, including formidable bosses from another dimension.

The game also boasts a comprehensive weapon customization system, with around 100 gun blueprints and various accessories and perks to modify firearms according to the player's preference.

"Once Human" by Starry Studio

Once Human also introduces an intriguing narrative element, as players unravel the mysteries behind Stardust and its origins.

The game world is populated with diverse factions, each with its own agenda, adding depth to the player's experience. Players can choose to interact with these factions in various ways, from forging alliances to engaging in hostile confrontations.

The game's building mechanics allow for personalization and mobility of player territories, further enhancing the sandbox experience.

Originally slated for a Q3 2023 release, "Once Human" has now been pushed back to summer 2024, with a beta test scheduled for December 7. Players can currently wishlist the game on Steam, anticipating an immersive journey in this innovative survival landscape.

You can wishlist Once Human on Steam now and sign up for the December beta test/keep up with its development on the official website.

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