Supercell becomes majority owner of Trailmix with $60M investment

by Adam Fitch  ·  Updated 
Supercell becomes majority owner of Trailmix with $60M investment

Mobile games giant Supercell has become the majority owner of London-based developer Trailmix through a $60M investment.

The investment: Trailmix only has one title in the public but Supercell is clearly excited about what's to come.

  • Supercell's $60M investment in Trailmix consists of both debt financing and an equity round, according to Pocket Gamer.
  • The London-based company will operate independently, much like other Supercell-backed studios such as Space Ape Games.
  • Their relationship started back when the latter Trailmix launched in 2018 with $4.2M in investment from the Clash of Clans publisher.

Looking ahead: The company suddenly has a huge amount of funding to play with.

  • To date, Trailmix has launched one game. Love & Pies is a 'merge' mobile title that's been described as a "drama-filled puzzle game."
  • The company confirmed to Pocket Gamer that it would continue to focus on Love & Pies going forward instead of rushing out new games. "Players absolutely love the characters and the world we built - so we’ll double down on that," said CEO Carolin Krenzer.
  • As expected when major funding comes in, the workforce will be bolstered heavily in the coming weeks and months. Be sure to keep an eye on Trailmix on Hitmarker for any future opportunities.
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