Sega's upcoming franchise reboots will show "edginess and a rebellious mindset"

by Danny Craig  · 
Sega's upcoming franchise reboots will show "edginess and a rebellious mindset"

Sega co-chief operating officer and Sega of America CEO Shuji Utsumi revealed plans to "show edginess and a rebellious mindset" in its upcoming releases after the publisher announced that it was bringing back a number of its older franchises with new entries.

The details:

  • At The Game Awards last week, Sega revealed that it was reviving its older IPs, such as Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, and Golden Axe, with new games, bringing the beloved series into a "new era.” The trailer included brief glimpses of the upcoming releases, showing that many appear to remain faithful to the original games while adding a modern twist.

  • Utsumi told the Washington Post that the company wants to keep the tone and concepts of the original titles by aiming to "show edginess and a rebellious mindset." “The concept of games like ‘Jet Set Radio’ is advanced. The original creators are involved again, and its time is now,” he said. “It’s a good time where people can appreciate all kinds of concepts.”

  • The co-COO also revealed that Sega has been devoting the majority of its resources to Yakuza, Persona, and Sonic in order to make the "pillars grow," and that now that they have grown "very well," the publisher is in a position to begin work on this much larger project.

  • The five reboots announced at TGA are not the only ones being revived, with more to come. Some fans believe Nights and Burning Rangers are among those unannounced releases, and when asked, Utsumi stated that Sega is "evaluating" how to bring back Virtua Fighter and make the game "more dramatic."

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