Hideo Kojima unveils new Xbox game, OD

by Danny Craig  · 
Hideo Kojima unveils new Xbox game, OD
Kojima Productions

Legendary game designer Hideo Kojima has revealed his studio’s next project, a game titled “OD” created in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios.

The details:

  • A rather creepy teaser trailer featuring characters speaking directly into the camera was shown off at The Game Awards, with Kojima stating that the project is being created with the "help of Xbox Game Studios and using their Cloud Gaming technology."

  • Back in 2022, Kojima confirmed that he was working on a cloud-based project with Xbox, which he described as "a completely new game, one that no one has ever experienced or seen before." The Metal Gear creator also revealed that he pitched the idea to many potential partners, with only Microsoft understanding the concept and not dismissing him as completely "mad."

  • OD, then known as Overdose, was leaked in June 2022, with footage of Death Stranding actor Margaret Qualley walking down a dark corridor with a flashlight before a jump scare resulted in a game over.

  • During TGA, fans noticed that Kojima entered the stage through a door that looked suspiciously similar to the door seen in P.T., leading some to believe that some elements from his canceled Silent Hills title may be included in OD.

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