No Man’s Sky developer announces open-world fantasy title Light No Fire

by Danny Craig  · 
No Man’s Sky developer announces open-world fantasy title Light No Fire
Hello Games

Hello Games, the developer behind No Man’s Sky, has revealed its new project Light No Fire, to create the "first real open-world" fantasy game.

The details:

  • The game's announcement trailer debuted at The Game Awards, showing off what is claimed to be real in-game multiplayer footage recorded in the "procedural earth" created by the game, featuring various landscapes that form what essentially looks like a fantasy counterpart to No Man's Sky.

  • Just like with No Man’s Sky, Hello Games has shared some big plans for the game, with founder Sean Murray stating that the developer wants to make "something bigger than Earth, something with real mountains—not video game mountains, but mountains that are miles high, taller than Everest, that when you climb on top of them and look out, you can see rivers, canyons, continents, and oceans."

  • The aim of creating the "first real open world, something without boundaries," might set off alarm bells for those who remember the original release of No Man's Sky, which is still regarded as one of gaming's most disappointing launches in history after failing to deliver on many of its promises. However, it's worth noting that the title has since been updated with new content and fixes and has evolved into a great game, so it's likely the studio has learned how to get it right this time.

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