KARMA: A Solo-Developed Unreal Engine Game Based on Kathmandu, Nepal

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KARMA: A Solo-Developed Unreal Engine Game Based on Kathmandu, Nepal
Ashim Shakya | KARMA

In a venture that has been in the works for nearly five years, solo game developer Ashim Shakya has been developing 'KARMA,' an ambitious project fueled by Unreal Engine 5. As of now, 'KARMA' remains in the developmental phase, and no official release date has been disclosed.

While specific details about 'KARMA' are somewhat scarce, Ashim Shakya has shared a glimpse of the game's early gameplay through a series of videos. These showcase a character navigating an open-world environment, equipped with a Khukuri, a traditional Nepali short sword. Additionally, the game boasts striking helicopter animations, with a convoy of helicopters soaring gracefully through the virtual world.

The combination of a flying character and helicopters may seem unusual, but since the plot of the game is still unknown, it's possible that the character's purpose is to engage in combat with them.

What is known about the game's setting is that it draws inspiration from Kathmandu, Nepal, offering players an open-world experience within this unique locale. Ashim Shakya has also indicated the presence of enemy AI characters, jets, and their respective bases.

One standout feature is that the gameplay boasts an impressive cloud system. When asked about how they accomplished this, Shakya said "We've implemented a distance field-based volumetric fog that adheres to the meshes, preventing it from dispersing into the atmosphere and muddying the experience."

Follow the development of KARMA here.

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