How to be a gaming YouTuber with Emmalition

by Adam Fitch  · 
How to be a gaming YouTuber with Emmalition

In this episode of Make Your Mark, we explore what it takes to stand out in a sea of gaming YouTubers.

The episode: Make Your Mark is weekly interview series that provides value-packed advice on specific professions in gaming and esports.

  • This episode of Make Your Mark sees host Adam Fitch sit down with content creator Emmalition.
  • Having quickly made a name for herself since starting her journey on YouTube, Emmalition knows what it takes to build an engaged and enthusiastic audience who'll watch her gameplay no matter the title.
  • Throughout the episode, Emmalition gives her perspective on getting started, finding your niche, discoverability, necessary equipment and software, collaborations, brand deals, and much more!

Make Your Mark is on major audio platforms! It's also available in video form on YouTube, as you can see below. Enjoy!

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