Epic Games promotes RLCS World Championship in Fortnite

by Adam Fitch  · 
Epic Games promotes RLCS World Championship in Fortnite
Epic Games

Epic Games has unveiled a unique activation that will see it promote Rocket League esports through its hit title Fortnite.

The tournament: It serves as the culmination of the Rocket League Championship Series' 2021-2022 season.

  • The playoffs take place in Fort Worth, U.S., on August 14.
  • There are 24 teams competing in the event, fighting for their share of the $2.085M prize purse.
  • Organizations such as FaZe Clan, FURIA, G2 Esports, Karmine Corp, NRG, and OpTic Gaming are all still alive in the tournament.

The activation: It's something quite new in esports.

  • From August 9-14, Epic Games is promoting the RLCS through Fortnite. (It acquired Rocket League developer Psyonix in May 2019.)
  • Players can watch the World Championship in-game and earn in-game rewards during breaks.
  • More specifically, after each match there will be a Team Rumble among those watching in Fortnite. There are challenges that, once completed, unlock RLCS-branded items.
  • Additionally, players can unlock in-game rewards, including a new theme anthem and banner, in Rocket League.
  • It's fair to say that Epic Games is now cross-promoting in full force but it's currently unclear how the viewership impact of the activation will be identified, if at all.
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