Capcom claims it would turn away an acquisition offer from Microsoft

by Danny Craig  · 
Capcom claims it would turn away an acquisition offer from Microsoft

Capcom has confirmed that it has no current desire to be acquired and will not acquire any additional studios in the near future.

The details:

  • Capcom COO Haruhito Tsujimoto was asked about the company's position on potential acquisitions and mergers in a recent interview with Bloomberg. “I think there have been many merger and acquisition talks in the game industry,” said Tsujimoto. “There was once a time we were a target, but rather than acquiring an outside company, we prefer organic growth. It is important to train and develop human resources in-house in order to carry out growth strategies. I also believe we can utilize external partners, but we have no intention of acquiring companies.”
  • In light of Microsoft's pending acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the COO was asked how Capcom would react if the tech giant approached the company with the intent of purchasing it. Tsujimoto responded by saying that he would "gracefully decline the offer" as it would "be better if [Capcom and Microsoft] were equal partners.”
  • With the release of the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4 remake and Street Fighter 6, Capcom has seen significant success in recent years, causing the company's stock price to reach a record high on multiple occasions. With the company rumored to be working on another remake of one of its older Resident Evil titles, as well as Resident Evil 9 and Dragon's Dogma II, its most successful period in company history is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

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