"Bunnerly": solo indie developer creates cute new leap into cyber-city using Unreal Engine 5

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"Bunnerly": solo indie developer creates cute new leap into cyber-city using Unreal Engine 5
"Bunnerly" by Ethereal Studio

In the vibrant glow of Unreal Engine 5, "Bunnerly" emerges as a beacon of creativity and innovation in the indie game scene.

Developed solo by Facundo Aviusso working as "Ethereal Studio", this single-player adventure casts players in the role of a radiant rabbit on a valiant quest to save its two little ones within the sprawling expanse of a cyber-city.

The game promises to strip away the boundaries of reality, offering an "immersive experience where reality fades away and imagination takes over," encouraging players to rely on their heightened bunny senses and instincts throughout their journey.

Within the neon-drenched streets of Bunnerly's cyber-city, the absence of on-screen elements aims to heighten the senses, challenging players to navigate and solve puzzles in a world that demands their full attention and curiosity.

This rabbit's tale is designed to be a solitary sojourn, focused on delivering a personalized adventure where determination and the pure joy of discovery are your only companions.

Aviusso's vision brings a fresh perspective to gaming, intertwining the primal with the futuristic.

"Bunnerly" by Ethereal Studio

The game offers a mix of cerebral and dynamic gameplay, including puzzle-solving, "jump n' hack" mechanics, and a unique glowing ability that allows the rabbit to traverse the city's verticality.

This blend of gameplay elements is all designed to synergize with the overarching goal of the protagonist: the salvation of its offspring.

Bunnerly stands out not just for its imaginative narrative and striking visual style, but also for its commitment to an undiluted, immersive gaming experience that's as unique as it is daring.

Check out the launch teaser here:

You can wishlist the title on the Epic Games store now and keep up with its development on Reddit, X, YouTube, and the official website.

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