TinyBuild acquires Konfa Games and Bossa Studios IPs for $8.4M

by Adam Fitch  · 
TinyBuild acquires Konfa Games and Bossa Studios IPs for $8.4M

American indie game publisher tinyBuild has acquired Russian studio Konfa Games and intellectual properties from Bossa Studios.

The acquisitions: It's spent millions bolstering its operations and roster of IPs.

  • It's acquired IP from Bossa Studios — namely Surgeon Simulator, I am Fish, and I am Bread — for an upfront payment of $3M, as per GamesIndustry.biz.
  • The publisher has also spent $5.4M to acquire Konfa Games, a Russian studio behind Despotism 3k and Despot's Game. Konfa's employees will head to tinyBuild's studio in Serbia.
  • tinyBuild is a public company on the London Stock Exchange and is behind titles such as Hello Neighbor (and its sequel), Pigeon Simulator, Potion Craft, and Cartel Tycoon.

The landscape: 2022 has been heavy with acquisitions thus far.

  • With Microsoft making headlines earlier in the year having announced intentions of buying Activision Blizzard for almost $69B, as well as Sony's purchase of Bungie for $3.6B, 2022 is a record year for acquisitions in gaming.
  • We're now in the midst of an economic downturn that may well be lethal for some companies, causing many to streamline their operations through layoffs as they prepare to weather the storm.
  • More recently, Embracer Group has been doubling down on its strategy of buying up valuable IPs and studios in the industry. Just earlier this month it entered an agreement to acquire Middle-earth Entreprises, which owns the rights to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit across several mediums. It announced a number of other prospective purchases on the same day, too.
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