The Witcher developer The Molasses Flood hit by layoffs

by Danny Craig  · 
The Witcher developer The Molasses Flood hit by layoffs
CD Projekt

After restructuring its Witcher co-op project, The Molasses Flood has let go of several employees from the studio.

The details:

  • Former employees at CD Projekt’s The Molasses Flood revealed on Twitter that the studio laid off employees following the reboot of Project Sirius. According to its LinkedIn page, the studio already had 11–50 employees, and it appears that the changes to Project Sirius' meant that some staff would no longer be needed for the game's future development. Designers and artists appear to be the most affected, with art producer Caryn Boehm, technical narrative designer Robert Bailey, and senior environment artist Gannon Jaspering among those laid off.
  • Neither CD Projekt nor The Molasses Flood has issued a statement or made any comments about the situation. As a result, the specific reasoning behind the layoffs, as well as the number of employees directly affected by the decision, are unknown to the public.
  • Last week, parent company CD Projekt confirmed that Project Sirius was back in development with a "reformulated framework" after deciding to reevaluate the project in March and write off approximately $10 million in expenses. The relaunched project will use "a material part of the already developed elements of the game," prompting the publisher to reverse a portion of the written-off costs, though it's unclear whether the game will still be a co-op PvE title, as previously reported.

Other recent layoffs:

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