Square Enix shares new Final Fantasy VII Rebirth gameplay info, screenshots, and trailer

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Square Enix shares new Final Fantasy VII Rebirth gameplay info, screenshots, and trailer
Square Enix

Square Enix has released a major news update ahead of the release of the second installment of Final Fantasy VII's remake trilogy next month, which includes information about Cait Sith, new characters, and the game's various editions.

The details:

  • The blog post begins with the game's most recent trailer, which showcases some of Rebirth's boss fights, new materia, and iconic plot points. The fortified city of Junon, which appeared in the original game, and the all-new Shinra-8 cruise ship, which travels between Junon and the resort town Costa del Sol, can also be seen.

  • The next section contains new information about Cait Sith and Yuffie, with the latter returning from her appearance in Remake's INTERmission episode. Cait Sith's combat abilities rely heavily on agile movements when fighting alone; however, he can summon his Moogle into battle to augment his basic attacks and provide a unique set of abilities. Much of Yuffie's moves are similar to those in INTERmission, but she and Cait Sith can now perform powerful "Synergy abilities" together.

  • Elena, the youngest member of the Turks, will also make her debut in Rebirth, after leaving fans perplexed as to why she was absent from Remake. According to the blog, she will team up with fellow Turk Rude to track down the black-robed figures seen in the previous game. A new character, Captain Titov, has been added alongside the Shinra-8 and will serve as its captain.

  • Square Enix has also revealed that fans can now pre-order either the physical Deluxe Edition, which includes a steelbook, soundtrack CD, and a physical artbook, or the digital Deluxe Edition, which includes the soundtrack and artbook in digital format, as well as some in-game items. Those looking for the complete package can purchase the Collector's Edition, which includes all physical Deluxe items as well as a statue of Sephiroth.

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