Onirism: An indie title inspired by classics

by Rachel Lyon  · 
Onirism: An indie title inspired by classics

Onirism is currently an early access title being developed by Crimson Tales where you take control of a young girl called Carol and head on an adventure to find Bunbun.

You utilize various weaponized toys to defeat the enemies that have stolen your precious plushie. Delve into the mysterious portal that has appeared in your bedroom and head on the quest of a lifetime.

Take on the strange lifeforms on your own, or with the classic charm of a couch co-op with three friends. Versus game modes are even available for some PvP competition.

Currently, there are four chapters available in the game, and nine locations in Crearia can be explored. Carol can utilize over a hundred unique weapons and gadgets, as well as being able to unlock power-ups in the classic Metroidvania fashion.

There's so much more to come from the game, with new movements like wall jumping being recently announced, and six more chapters to be added upon the game's completion.

You can wishlist, and even play the early access, of Onirism on Steam, and you can follow along with the development process on Twitter!

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