Incredible Water Snake Animation created in Unreal Engine 5

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Incredible Water Snake Animation created in Unreal Engine 5

Designer and game developer 鹿野護 has unveiled stunning test animations of a magnificent water snake. Created using Unreal Engine 5, the snake showcases the artist's talent and technical expertise. Spline rigging and dynamic animations with Blueprints bring the creature to life, resulting in a mesmerizing display of fluid motion and lifelike behavior.

鹿野護 is most notable for their work on Otoshi no Shima, a remarkable indie game crafted by a talented group of Japanese developers, which made its debut at the prestigious Tohoku University of Art & Design's graduate exhibition. Drawing inspiration from Tohoku folklore, this captivating game offers players an immersive experience into the world of Japanese legends and customs surrounding the New Year.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Otoshi no Shima boasts an enchanting array of visuals that will captivate players for hours on end, inviting them to delve into a mesmerizing world of wonder and discovery.

Follow the latest developments from 鹿野護 here.

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