FluidNinja 1.9: Enhanced Performance & MetaHuman Compatibility

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FluidNinja 1.9: Enhanced Performance & MetaHuman Compatibility
Andras Ketzer

FluidNinja 1.9, the latest release of the realtime responsive Fluid Simulation for Unreal Engine developed by Andras Ketzer, has recently been released with a range of exciting new features. FluidNinja 1.9 introduces major performance improvements that allows Unreal Engine developers to track MetaHuman skeletons and hundreds of objects effortlessly.

One of the standout features of FluidNinja 1.9 is the implementation of a fast object tracker (painter v2) capable of handling hundreds of objects and bones as simulation inputs. This update is fully compatible with Metahumans and offers the ability to paint lines, creating perfect object trajectories instead of the conventional dots. This improvement opens up new possibilities for character and environment VFX, empowering developers to create realistic fluid simulations for sea, rivers, clouds, smoke, fire, sand, snow, and foliage. Additionally, this fluidsim-driven system enhances the dynamic aspects of various in-game elements.

In response to user feedback and demand, FluidNinja 1.9 also brings some crucial optimizations and enhancements. The main OutputMaterial has been converted into a Material Function, making it easier for developers to include it in multilayer landscape materials. This streamlines the workflow and facilitates the integration of fluid simulations into the game environment.

Moreover, the TAG based object tracking system has been significantly improved, making it more efficient and user-friendly. To aid users in taking full advantage of the updated features, a new Tutorial Level has been added to the package, ensuring a smoother learning curve for newcomers and veterans alike.

Beyond the functional improvements, FluidNinja 1.9 also comes with some visually stunning enhancements. The caustics have been updated to deliver a more captivating and realistic visual experience. Additionally, the release introduces new, dense foamy water-surface materials that further elevate the quality of water simulations.

Download FluidNinja 1.9 here.

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