Drive around the world with a Google Maps Driving Game

by Rachel Lyon  · 
Drive around the world with a Google Maps Driving Game

A developer has created a prototype for a Google Maps driving game. The game, which is called "Google Maps Driving Simulator," allows users to drive around the world using Google Maps data. The project is still in the works, but it already features a variety of features, including realistic driving physics, traffic, and weather conditions

Made by a talented AR and Creative Developer, Ollie Tyler, the prototype was created in his spare time. The project was created using Google's new GeoSpatial API for Unity which allowed him to build everything on the generated world mesh.

The bird's eye view perspective is due to the quality of the mesh generated by Google's API, although with the ability to have a first-person perspective on Google Maps, who knows if an inside-the-car view will become available in the future!

"Google Maps Driving Simulator" is not yet available to the public, but it has raised the question of whether Google could use its other services to create commercial games.

Ollie Tyler's creation is a sign of the potential that Google Maps has for gaming. With its vast amount of data, the project has shown that Google Maps is a powerful tool and could be utilized in the future to create immersive and engaging games.

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