Upcoming UE5-Powered FPS Game Is Inspired by Classic Asian Action Films

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Upcoming UE5-Powered FPS Game Is Inspired by Classic Asian Action Films
Monte Gallo

Indie developer Monte Gallo is embarking on the creation of a bodycam-style first-person shooter (FPS) game that takes its inspiration from classic Asian action films. Currently in its early stages of development, the project is being crafted using Unreal Engine 5, showcasing experimentation with an advanced Locomotion System and the utilization of UE5's Metahuman feature.

The game's concept follows a growing trend in the gaming industry, particularly in the wake of the viral success of "Unrecord," a life-like bodycam-style FPS. While these games aim to offer an unprecedented level of realism, there remains a degree of skepticism within the gaming community regarding whether they will be in a fully playable state upon release. Other titles in this sub-genre, including one inspired by "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" and a multiplayer variant, have also been announced, suggesting a potential shift in the gaming landscape towards more immersive and cinematic experiences.

Expressing his motivation behind the project, the developer shared that he drew inspiration from action-packed Hong Kong films by renowned director John Woo. In his words, "After watching a few action-packed Hong Kong films by John Woo, I got inspired to dive into some UE5 experimentation. I chose to work with Metahuman for character design. Integrating them into the Advanced Locomotion System in Unreal was no walk in the park, and I lost some hours in the process. For a touch of cinematic flair, I added a sprinkle of Niagara particles and a bodycam effect."

Monte Gallo has been actively sharing progress clips of the game's development via Twitter, including test levels set in a Hong Kong-inspired alley. The developer noted that these levels are still a work in progress, requiring the addition of Chinese signage and neon lights to enhance the visual aesthetics.

Follow developments of the game here.

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