The Voidness: A Sci-Fi journey through the darkness

by Rachel Lyon  · 
The Voidness: A Sci-Fi journey through the darkness

Step into the depths of darkness with The Voidness, a Sci-Fi psychological horror game that challenges players to navigate through an eerie void filled with gloom and mystery. Developed by Steelkrill Studio, this unique gaming experience combines elements of survival horror, puzzle-solving, and stealth gameplay. Equipped with a range finder device, players must scan their surroundings to unravel the secrets of the void while avoiding menacing enemies that lurk in the shadows. With its immersive gameplay mechanics and chilling atmosphere, "The Voidness" promises to deliver gut-wrenching moments that will leave players on the edge of their seats.

Players assume the role of a space specialist dispatched to investigate a newly discovered planet engulfed in an enigmatic void. Within this realm of perpetual darkness, visibility is limited to scanning the environment using a range finder device. As players traverse the void, they must upgrade their colourful LIDAR scanner to reveal hidden details, mark landmarks, and uncover vital clues to progress.

However, the void is not a desolate wasteland. Sinister entities dwell within its depths, their presence shrouded in obscurity and players must tread carefully, avoiding detection by utilizing stealth and cunning.

Every movement and sound made could attract these enemies, who possess heightened senses and a knack for sniffing out intruders. Remaining silent and mindful of their surroundings becomes paramount to survival. Oh didn't we mention? The game incorporates microphone input, adding a new layer of immersion and terror. When hiding from enemies, players must control their breathing and make sure not to scream in order to avoid detection. Make sure to stay quiet to stay alive!

For those seeking a true test of nerves and a chance to explore the depths of their fears, The Voidness is a game worth diving into. Prepare to be engulfed in darkness, to scan the unknown, and to confront the horrors that lie within.

The game was released into early access in April, and is available to play on Steam right now.

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