Starfield will feature cross-save support between Xbox and PC

by Danny Craig  · 
Starfield will feature cross-save support between Xbox and PC

It appears that Bethesda’s upcoming RPG will include the ability for players to continue from where they last left off regardless of which system they previously played on.

The details:

  • A recent update to Starfield's Xbox Store listing (via Insider Gaming) has now added the "Xbox Play Anywhere" tag, indicating that players can purchase the game once and receive a copy for both PC and Xbox, with saves shared between the two versions. The feature has not yet been revealed on Bethesda's official website for the game, but its support team accidentally confirmed it in a tweet a few months ago.
  • It's worth noting that Play Anywhere does not apply to physical copies, so anyone who buys a disk version for the Xbox Series X/S will have to repurchase the game if they want to play on a PC later, though saves will still be accessible. Those who purchase the game through Steam are also very likely to be excluded from the feature because it is purchased through a different store than Microsoft's own, as has been the case with previous Microsoft releases on the platform.
  • As a result of the combination of releasing through Game Pass and integrating Play Anywhere, players can now take their saves across PC, Xbox, and cloud streaming as long as they can download them from their account's cloud storage. This will allow Starfield to be accessible via mobile devices and Mac systems as long as there is a stable internet connection.

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