Rooted: A Promising Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game powered by Unreal Engine

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Rooted: A Promising Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game powered by Unreal Engine
Headlight Studio

Headlight Studio's title, Rooted, is a post-apocalyptic survival experience set to release for early access by late 2024. Powered by Unreal Engine, Rooted immerses players in a world devastated by global bacteriological warfare, where they must navigate ruins, craft, and survive alongside friends or alone. The Alpha release of the game is set for September 4, 2023.

The year is 2100, and you find yourself as one of the few survivors in a world ravaged by global bacteriological warfare. The remnants of a collapsed civilization lay before you, and your ultimate goal is to progress and adapt in this desolate landscape. Your survival depends on exploring the ruins, collecting scraps, restoring items, and crafting new ones to improve your camp and living conditions.

At the outset, Rooted challenges players to establish their camp and navigate through a dense forest. It is here that you must lay the foundations of your survival quest, gathering essential knowledge along the way. Everything you learn is compiled in your Survivor Guide, a vital tool for your journey. Building defenses, hunting for food, managing water intake and treatment, and collecting medicinal plants become crucial aspects of your day-to-day survival.

As you venture further, you will stumble upon villages and towns, where you can salvage objects from the past civilization. Repairing these objects becomes possible by constructing a Workbench, which serves as your crafting station. The blueprints for crafting and repairing items are stored in your Survivor Guide, with new blueprints becoming available as you progress and expand your crafting capabilities. This salvage and repair system introduces players to the vast crafting possibilities within Rooted.

However, it is not just abandoned towns and villages that await your exploration. The heart of the game lies within the desolate downtown area, which is rife with challenges and dangers. Fierce resistance from rival human groups, who view you as a threat, must be overcome. Equipping yourself with suitable gear and defenses becomes paramount as you navigate through the city's hazardous environment, avoiding deadly spores. The ability to improve your equipment throughout your journey allows you to delve deeper into the city, all while your actions have a tangible impact on the game world.

Rooted also offers players the opportunity to forge connections with friends and other survivors. Whether playing solo or co-op, the game's realistic in-game communication system adds depth to the immersive experience. You can create camps in the forest, villages, or even the downtown area, and your friends or other players can join your game session at any time. Additionally, for those seeking more competitive gameplay, dedicated servers host PvP versions of the map, complete with specific features to challenge other players.

Headlight Studio

Defending yourself is crucial in Rooted, as enemies of various types and increasing power threaten your survival. From hostile human groups to formidable ROTOR's robots, you must be prepared to face diverse and challenging foes. Building and fortifying your camp, creating secondary bases, and automating tasks to produce electricity are key elements in your quest for survival.

Headlight Studio

However, the dangers in Rooted extend beyond enemies. Some areas of the game world remain highly contagious, necessitating the use of specific equipment for safe exploration. Deployable tools such as drones, which require energy, enable players to scout previously unreachable areas and uncover valuable resources.

In Rooted, players will encounter both helpful and dangerous animals, as well as other humans striving to carve out their own path to survival. The dynamic and ever-evolving world ensures that no two experiences are the same, offering endless possibilities for exploration and interaction.

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