PROJECT HEMLOCK: The perfect adventure for comic book fans

by Rachel Lyon  · 
PROJECT HEMLOCK: The perfect adventure for comic book fans

PROJECT HEMLOCK is an upcoming action-adventure game being developed in Unity by Adair Interactive Arts, a solo developer known as CovetThatJam on Twitter.

The project will be a prequel to their mobile endless runner HyprSLICE™.

With a unique comic book art style, bright colours, and stylistic animation, the title certainly oozes personality. The environment begs to be explored with peculiar foliage and what seems to be the bones of an extremely large unknown creature. The world is set to be large as Okafor, the developer, shared a dev update of a vehicle system that will be used to traverse the vast lands - with options to put the pedal to the metal on a hoverbike or all-terrain buggy.

Other YouTube updates show the use of a Surface Shader and faux shading to help separate playable characters from the game's 2D environment.

Alongside exploring the curious lands, the game will include combat in the form of swordplay! An early version of the AI and combat that will be used in the title was showcased in a dev update and even in the early versions, these comic book-style fight VFXs look truly satisfying!

PROJECT HEMLOCK is set to come out on PC when development is finished, but with no timeframe in sight, we will continue to rely on the development updates we can follow along with on Twitter!

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