PlayStation 5’s Access controller is arriving in December

by Danny Craig  · 
PlayStation 5’s Access controller is arriving in December

Following its initial announcement in January, the brand new controller focused on accessibility for players with disabilities has been given a December 6 release date, as well as global pricing.

The details:

  • PlayStation announced in a new blog post that the controller will be available for $89.99 USD on December 6 worldwide, with pre-orders beginning on July 21. Those in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Austria, or Portugal will be able to pre-order directly from PlayStation as well as from several other authorized retailers.
  • The modular base, 19 button caps of various shapes and sizes, three different types of stick caps, and 23 button tags will all be included with the controller. The controller's base is powered by the included USB-C cable and includes four 3.5mm AUX expansion ports for any additional buttons or accessories. It also has a "toggle mode" that allows specific buttons to be activated until disabled without the player having to hold the button itself, much like a Caps Lock key. Full specifications can be found on PlayStation’s site.
  • Originally known as "Project Leonardo," the Access controller was created in collaboration with accessibility experts and organizations such as AbleGamers and SpecialEffect, and it offers a significant amount of customization to account for a variety of disabilities. Its circular design allows it to be used from any angle, and it can even be combined with a second Access controller or the standard DualSense to form a single "virtual" controller, which can be done for comfort or to allow someone else to assist in single-player games.

More PlayStation news:

  • Sony is reportedly investing $2.1 billion in PlayStation R&D, with a strong emphasis on live service projects. The company previously stated that it plans to have a total of 12 live service titles on the market by 2026 and that 60% of the PlayStation 5's game development budget will be spent on the projects in the coming years.
  • After 25 years, Naughty Dog Co-President Evan Wells is retiring, leaving fellow co-president Neil Druckmann to lead the studio. Wells joined the company as a designer during the development of Crash Bandicoot: Warped and worked on an assortment of projects, including the Jak and Daxter series and Crash Team Racing.
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