Optimizing esports performance with Adamas CEO Caleb Cousens

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Optimizing esports performance with Adamas CEO Caleb Cousens

In the eleventh episode of Make Your Mark, we delve into the growing world of performance optimization in competitive gaming.

The episode: Make Your Mark is weekly interview series that provides value-packed advice on specific professions in gaming and esports.

  • The eleventh episode of Make Your Mark sees host Adam Fitch sit down with Caleb Cousens, Founder and CEO of performance startup Adamas Esports.
  • With years of experience in esports performance and a fast-growing team of coaches, Adamas works with prominent organizations to ensure their teams are healthy and competing at the peak of their potential.
  • Throughout the episode, Cousens speaks on the growing emphasis on performance in esports, where advancements are being made, preventing burnout, the physical aspect of gaming, how to get into the profession, Adamas' acquisition of Gscience, and more.

Make Your Mark is on major audio platforms! It's also available in video form on YouTube, as you can see below. Enjoy!