Nintendo settles labor complaint with game tester

by Adam Fitch  · 
Nintendo settles labor complaint with game tester
Wikimedia Commons: Pyrenil

Nintendo of America has settled a labor dispute with former game tester Mackenzie Clifton.

The settlement: Nintendo still has another labor dispute ongoing.

  • The case was settled, as per a filing with the National Labor Relations Board, on October 12.
  • The settlement will see Clifton receive $25,000 in back pay and $1,000 in damages from contracting firm Aston Carter.
  • Nintendo is also required to post a notice about workers' rights at the entrance of its Product Testing department for 60 days.

The dispute: It began on April 15.

  • Clifton filed a complaint to the National Labor Relations Board in April and went public in an article with Axios in September. They stated they were spoken down to after asking about unionization in a company meeting and fired just a month later.
  • Nintendo stated that Clifton was fired for revealing confidential information, though the game tester showed Axios the tweet in question that reportedly debunks any claims of leaking classified details.
  • "I hope that sharing this story can get more and more people thinking about how the games industry works and how these companies, that everyone’s come to know and love as providers of fun entertainment, are so much more than that,” Clifton told Axios last month.
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