Netflix is hiring for a new AAA game title

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Netflix is hiring for a new AAA game title

A month after opening its new game studio, streaming giant Netflix is on the hunt for talent to develop a “brand new unpublished AAA game.”

The details:

  • Following confirmation in October that the company will be opening its own game studio, Netflix has posted multiple job openings working on a new AAA title in Los Angeles, California.
  • The company’s senior positions give us the most to work from. In Netflix’s description for a Game Director, it states that “experience with FPS and/or third person shooter games is preferred,” which makes it likely that the game will be some form of shooter.
  • In a separate description for a Lead Engineer, it’s said that Netflix is building an “exciting new 3rd person action RPG.” It’s unclear at the moment if the two projects mentioned will be separate games or the same title, since an action RPG could very well use shooter mechanics.
  • It seems that the game will be developed using Unreal Engine 5 for PC based on the contents of the Technical Director listing, with a bonus skill of “working with early or unreleased game platforms” listed as a way for exceptional candidates to stand out. It’s likely, then, that the game will also release on console—either the current or next gen iterations—though it could hint at Netflix working on a technology that’s proprietary to them.
  • Netflix’s new studio is led by the former executive producer of Overwatch, Chacko Sonny, following his departure from Blizzard Entertainment in September 2021.

The jobs:

Anyone aiming to secure one of the new positions will need a wealth of experience in their respective field.

  • Netflix is looking for three directors across art, technology, and game direction.
  • Among the other jobs advertised are a QA Lead, Accountant, Senior Producer, and Lead Artist — all of which are based on-site in Los Angeles, California.
  • If you match the requirements for any of these roles, you’ll find yourself implementing new systems, defining the game’s art style, or developing the game’s narrative to be seen as “worthy of a Netflix film/TV series.”

You can find Netflix’s new listings, along with the company’s other open positions, here.

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