Jun 21, 2022  ·  Esports  ·  Gaming

Marketing in esports with OTK director Thomas Hajduk

by Adam Fitch
Marketing in esports with OTK director Thomas Hajduk

In the ninth episode of Make Your Mark, we explore marketing in esports and building a successful brand.

The episode: Make Your Mark is weekly interview series that provides value-packed advice on specific professions in gaming and esports.

  • The ninth episode of Make Your Mark sees host Adam Fitch sit down with Thomas Hajduk, Director of Marketing for OTK.
  • With years of experience in esports, Hajduk now spends his days leading the marketing efforts for OTK — a gaming collective that describes itself as the "#1 livestreaming and media production company on the internet."
  • Throughout the episode, Hajduk speaks on what makes OTK unique, running major events, marketing a bad product, the downfalls of always going bigger and better, fan activations, receiving investment from WePlay, and much more.

Make Your Mark is on major audio platforms! It's also available in video form on YouTube, as you can see below. Enjoy!