Job listings hint that Treyarch is working on a new zombies mode and Warzone 2.0 map

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Job listings hint that Treyarch is working on a new zombies mode and Warzone 2.0 map

Call of Duty developer Treyarch is on the hunt for two senior level designers to work on a new locale for Modern Warfare II’s Warzone mode as well as a future instalment of zombies.

The details:

  • Treyarch recently posted a job listing for a Senior Level Designer to join its Warzone team. The description states that the candidate will work not only on Warzone content, but also Outbreak and “other large map experiences”. With multiple studios working on Call of Duty, it’s expected that the new map will be a multi-studio effort and not solely developed by Treyarch.
  • It’s likely that the level designer will be working on a new map for Treyarch’s 2024 release, which will follow next year’s expansion — similar to how maps were released after game launches in the original Warzone.
  • Another Senior Level Designer listing appeared for Treyarch’s iconic zombies mode. The job description does not specify when this next iteration of zombies will release, but it’s likely aimed to launch with Treyarch’s 2024 title.
  • Both jobs require extensive level design experience. The Warzone role is open to candidates in Los Angeles or Vancouver, while the zombies position is only available to candidates in Vancouver.

When will we see new content?

  • These listings are especially interesting due to Call of Duty’s new release cycle, where the franchise has moved away from its traditional yearly releases to favor a new game every two years instead.
  • Due to the gap between games, Activision has chosen to release a paid expansion in 2023 featuring new content for Modern Warfare II. The expansion will likely include new weapons, maps, and modes for both multiplayer and Warzone. Jason Schreier also reported that campaign content will be making an appearance.
  • Treyarch’s next entry in the franchise is expected to release in 2024 with full Warzone 2.0 integration and zombies mode. It’s unknown whether the Black Ops series will continue or if something new is in the works.

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