How to become a professional gamer with Flamesword

by Adam Fitch  ·  Updated 
How to become a professional gamer with Flamesword

Hitmarker is proud to unveil the first episode in its brand new video series, Make Your Mark.

The episode: It's the start of a weekly interview series that provides value-packed advice on specific professions in gaming and esports.

  • The first episode of Make Your Mark features Michael "Flamesword" Chaves, a veteran Halo competitor and founder of Status Quo.
  • With over a decade of experience in competing at the upper tiers of an extremely competitive franchise and having founded his own organization, Flamesword is one of only a few that can offer a well-rounded view of professional play.
  • Throughout the episode, he shares insights into being discovered, efficient methods of improvement, marketing outside of the server, what to look for in teammates, and plenty more.

Check out the full episode below and be sure to subscribe to Hitmarker on YouTube so you don't miss out on future content!

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