Everything you need to know about Modern Warfare II’s CDL Moshpit mode

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Everything you need to know about Modern Warfare II’s CDL Moshpit mode

On December 1, Call of Duty Modern Warfare II players were treated to a surprise update that added the previously-delayed CDL Moshpit playlist. If you were one of those taken by surprise and want to know what all the fuss is about, we’ve broken down what the mode actually is and how you can make an impact on the field.

What is CDL Moshpit?

CDL Moshpit is a brand new playlist that uses the professional play ruleset of Activision’s Call of Duty League (CDL). It was originally planned to release alongside Season 1 of Modern Warfare II before it was delayed for unknown reasons. Implemented to keep competitive fans occupied until Treyarch’s ranked mode arrives, the mode is essentially eight-player public matches with heavy restrictions in place.

What are the main differences from public matches?

A core difference between the standard multiplayer playlists and the CDL playlist is the change to 4v4 instead of 6v6. This creates the opportunity for more methodical gameplay where each player is essential to a team’s performance and has the ability to make high-impact plays.

What may stand out to those unfamiliar with previous iterations of competitive modes is the inclusion of restrictions on certain items. These restrictions were put together by Activision with the assistance of CDL players to limit the number of unbalanced weapons and equipment that could generate uncompetitive results.

Noteworthy bans include all battle rifles, shotguns, and light machine guns, most marksman rifles, most killstreaks, all ultimate perks, and the majority of grenades and field upgrades. If you want to check out all of the restrictions, you can do so on the CDL website here.

What modes are available?

When entering matchmaking for the playlist, you may notice that there’s no option to select specific game modes as you would in quick play. The playlist will automatically match you into one of three modes: Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, and Control. All three modes are available in slightly different variations in public matches, but there are a number of changes to cater to the intensity of 4v4 matches. Full details regarding game mode settings can be found on the relevant CDL page, below the list of maps and modes.

How do I change my class?

Setting up a class for CDL Moshpit is rather confusing, as it doesn’t use your public match classes. It uses your loadouts from private matches. Currently, there’s a bug that only allows players to customize classes when matchmaking or in a private match lobby, so we recommend loading into a private match with a CDL game mode selected to create your desired class. Treyarch is hard at work on a fix for the issue according to their Trello board, so this problem should be dealt with shortly.

What guns should I use?

As you might expect, some weapons perform considerably better than others even if it isn’t immediately apparent what they are. The general consensus is that the M4 assault rifle is currently the best weapon in the game with the correct attachments equipped. It has incredible accuracy, a decent fire rate, and good mobility.

For those who prefer a submachine gun, we recommend the Vaznev-9K with its high speed and low recoil. The TAQ-56 (aka the SCAR) assault rifle is also a solid pick for players looking to engage in mid-long-range gunfights with more control.

If you’re looking for a great guide that covers precisely what you should be using in more detail, we recommend watching this informative video from Breaking Point.

Are gentlemen’s agreements (GAs) in place?

If you’ve dipped your toes into the competitive scene of any esport you may have heard of the term “Gentlemen’s Agreement” or “GA” for short. These are essentially unofficial rules put in place amongst professional players to create more balance on top of the already enforced ruleset. Since they are not included in the official CDL rules, they are not in the playlist.

Guns that have been hit with the GA treatment include the Kastov-74u (AK-74u) and STB-56 (AUG), meaning that although pros agreed to not use them, they are on the table for those who want to take advantage of the extra firepower. We advise not getting too comfortable with GA’d weapons, however, as they were eventually added to the ruleset in last year’s Call of Duty: Vanguard.

That should get you up to speed on all things Moshpit!

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