Diablo IV made Blizzard $666 million within five days

by Danny Craig  · 
Diablo IV made Blizzard $666 million within five days
Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed some statistics regarding its latest release, Diablo IV, including that it has brought in over $666 million in sales worldwide since its launch on June 6.

The details:

  • Blizzard confirmed in a new press release that the launch of the latest installment in the 25-year-old franchise was the best-selling opening in the company's history, bringing in a fitting $666 million in its first five days of release. This figure includes sales across all platforms where the game was released, though it's unclear how much the game's expensive microtransactions contributed to its revenue.
  • Blizzard also revealed some in-game statistics, such as confirming that players have played for over 276 million hours, which equates to more than 30,000 years. Over 276 billion demons have been slain during this time, with only 6,263 players reaching the maximum level of 100, and only 163 of those achieving the feat in the game's permadeath hardcore mode. Players have also died 316,991,632 times, with 5,792,063 of those deaths coming at the hands of The Butcher, the infamous demon boss.
  • It was previously announced at the game's launch that during the early access period, which began on June 1, players accumulated more than 93 million hours of playtime, with the game quickly becoming the fastest-selling Blizzard game. Despite some server and login issues, the launch was mostly trouble-free, a far cry from Diablo III's disastrous launch, and many more fans likely purchased the game's deluxe editions to play the game early.

More gaming news:

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