Dark and Deep: A Surreal Journey into Cosmic Horror by Solo Unreal Engine Developer Walter Woods

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Dark and Deep: A Surreal Journey into Cosmic Horror by Solo Unreal Engine Developer Walter Woods
"Dark and Deep" by Walter Woods

Set to be released in 2024, "Dark and Deep" is an upcoming first-person cosmic horror game created by Walter Woods that promises to bring a unique visual aesthetic to the horror genre.

Drawing inspiration from the intricate illustrations of 19th-century artist Gustave Doré, the game combines surreal cosmic horror storytelling with a focus on puzzles and exploration.

In "Dark and Deep," players will step into the shoes of Samuel Judge, a devoted fan of the enigmatic conspiracy podcast titled after the game itself, and delve into a shadowy, perilous world filled with hidden creatures and dark secrets.

"Dark and Deep" by Walter Woods

As Samuel Judge, players will use mystical picture frames, bestowed upon them by a mysterious observer, to reveal significant objects and fight off hidden creatures lurking in the shadows.

These frames are not only windows into a terrifying world but also tools to banish the darkness that threatens to consume everything.

The game challenges players to unravel the conspiracy before being swallowed by the shadows, all while solving intricate physics puzzles using ancient machines of unknown origin and manipulating gravity to traverse through the deadly fog.

The players' journey will be illuminated by precious embers of light that guide their way and protect them from the shadow-dwelling creatures seeking to extinguish their light.

"Dark and Deep" by Walter Woods

"Dark and Deep" will offer players a short yet high-quality experience, with an estimated playtime of two to three hours, potentially extending longer for those who seek to uncover every hidden secret.

However, potential players should be aware that the game features mature content, including scenes of fear and terror, mild language, psychological horror, stylized violence, and dark and disturbing imagery, all of which contribute to its surreal cosmic horror narrative.

Now that you've been warned, here's the latest trailer:

You can wishlist "Dark and Deep" on Steam now. Why not follow Woods on X to keep up with the game's development as well? Let's help to pull him out of that depression!

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