Bungie is improving Destiny 2’s server stability issues

by Danny Craig  · 
Bungie is improving Destiny 2’s server stability issues

Following the release of Season of the Deep, Destiny 2 players reported several technical issues, which Bungie not only acknowledged but also announced that it would address with fixes in future updates.

The details:

  • Bungie has provided an update on the game's stability issues in a new blog post, providing some more insight into the changes being made to its backend systems. The main changes concern Destiny 2's "Claims" service, which is used to send gameplay messages to player data servers. Although system updates were released alongside the release of Lightfall, the service is failing to recover from any disruptions caused by hardware or network issues, prompting Bungie to continue to investigate the issue and release fixes as needed.
  • The update also included a roadmap of which issues will be addressed first, with "logging and alerting systems" receiving improvements in a mid-season update, followed by improvements to Claims' "'self-healing' ability and "support for targeted chaos Testing" against its services in season 22. Season 23 will use the results of previous patches to target "deeper and broader architectural improvements" aimed at improving the "service stability and rapid recovery" of the game's services.
  • Since Destiny 2 is an always-online, live-service title, networking issues have remained a major issue for players, resulting in players being kicked during activities and the game becoming completely unplayable due to servers failing to acknowledge data sent to them to sync in-game actions with the host system. This has resulted in some players losing progress along the way, with no way for players to predict when problems will arise and how to deal with them.

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