Abyssus: A Roguelite Co-op Action First-Person Shooter

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Abyssus: A Roguelite Co-op Action First-Person Shooter

Abyssus, the upcoming indie game by DoubleMoose Games, made waves at Realms Deep 2023 with further gameplay being revealed. Set in a late 19th Century brinepunk world, players assume the role of a daring engineer on an expedition to explore the submerged ruins of an ancient civilization. However, what starts as a quest for discovery quickly devolves into a battle for survival when the corrupted denizens of the sunken kingdom make it abundantly clear that outsiders are unwelcome.

One standout feature of Abyssus is its arsenal of exotic and adaptable weaponry. Players can choose between human brinepunk firearms and mysterious, ancient weapons to confront an array of bizarre and formidable foes. This diverse selection of armaments promises a fresh and engaging combat experience.

The game also offers an intriguing twist of weapon and character mutations, allowing players to modify and customize their gear to suit their unique playstyle. Additionally, passive and active abilities further enhance the depth of gameplay, providing players with a strategic edge in their relentless battle against mutated underwater guardians.

With its captivating blend of brinepunk aesthetics and influences from Atlantis legends and Aztec architecture, Abyssus appears poised to deliver a richly atmospheric and enigmatic gaming experience when it finally surfaces.

Wishlist on Steam here.

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