The Finals Open Beta is Now Live: Here's How to Register

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The Finals Open Beta is Now Live: Here's How to Register
Embark Studios

The Finals, an upcoming first-person shooter developed by Embark Studios, is currently in its open beta phase, running from October 26 to November 5. The game places a strong emphasis on team-based matches on environmentally-destructible maps, allowing players to harness the dynamic environment to their advantage.

The open beta is available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC through Steam, and it also features cross-platform play, enabling players to team up with friends regardless of their gaming platform.

As of today, the open beta for The Finals is live on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam. The beta began at 10:30am BST / 5.30am EDT / 2.30am PDT, making it accessible to players who own any of these platforms. The game promises a unique and engaging combat experience, where players can modify, exploit, and even demolish the virtual arenas, creating their own playstyle to compete in escalating tournaments and earn lasting fame.

How to register for Open Beta

Register for The Finals Open Beta.

The Finals offers players the opportunity to participate in a free-to-play, combat-centered game show, emphasizing teamwork and tactical gameplay. With the open beta underway, gamers can now explore this exciting first-person shooter and experience the intense action and destructible environments it offers.

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