Santa Monica Studio celebrates God of War: Ragnarök anniversary with "Midgar Mishaps 2"

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Santa Monica Studio celebrates God of War: Ragnarök anniversary with "Midgar Mishaps 2"
Santa Monica Studio

On the occasion of the first anniversary of God of War: Ragnarök, Santa Monica Studio has gifted fans with a humorous behind-the-scenes look at the game's development process through "Midgar Mishaps 2."

This compilation highlights some of the most amusing bugs and glitches encountered during the creation of the critically acclaimed title for PlayStation 5.

The video captures a range of development bloopers, from visual oddities and misplaced enemies in cutscenes to awkward dialogues and even a cameo by the "God of Dance," providing a rare glimpse into the less-seen, often humorous side of game development.


These shared outtakes serve as a reminder of the intricate work behind the seamless experience gamers enjoy. The studio acknowledged the dedication of their team with a statement:

"The team at Santa Monica Studio poured their hearts and souls into God of War Ragnarök, and along the way, encountered some unforgettable mishaps. For the one-year anniversary, we wanted to share a few of the unexpected moments from development that remind us how complex, challenging, and unintentionally hilarious making a game can be."

This candid showcase celebrates the challenges surmounted by the developers and the journey to perfecting the game's immersive narrative and gameplay.

Following the tradition set with the original "God of War" release for the PS4 in 2018, "Midgar Mishaps 2" continues to offer the community an entertaining perspective on game development.

While cautioning those who wish to avoid spoilers, the collection provides a unique and endearing perspective on the trials and tribulations that come with crafting such a large-scale video game.

As God of War: Ragnarök continues to captivate players with its epic storytelling and dynamic combat, "Midgar Mishaps 2" adds a touch of levity to the anniversary, illustrating that even gods can have their off days.

We loved this, and we hope you did too. Ah, how we miss spending time with Kratos, Atreus, and especially Mímir in Midgard.

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