Eiyuden Chronicle to receive a sequel despite its creator's death

by Danny Craig  · 
Eiyuden Chronicle to receive a sequel despite its creator's death
Rabbit & Bear Studios

Rabbit & Bear Studios, the developer of Eiyuden Chronicle, has confirmed it intends to create a sequel to the RPG, as series creator Yoshitaka Murayama had originally planned before his death in February.

The details:

  • Murayama, best known for creating the cult-classic RPG series Suikoden, passed away in February of "complications with an ongoing illness" at the age of 55. Rabbit & Bear confirmed that the creator completed his work as a scenario writer for Eiyuden Chronicle before his death.

  • Members of the game's development team took part in a Reddit AMA ahead of its release next week, answering a variety of fan questions. One question was whether we would see a sequel to the title following the death of Murayama, to which the team responded that it would be "moving forward with a sequel." “It is very sad that Murayama is not with us anymore, but we have discussed many things with him,” the developer said. “I hope we will be able to carry on Murayama’s legacy, and I always want to treasure his last work. I hope many people will support this game.”

  • Eiyuden Chronicle will be available on April 23 for PS4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, with a spin-off, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, released in 2022 as part of a Kickstarter stretch goal.

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