Solo indie developer shows off Move AI's motion capture capability with impressive dance routine

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Solo indie developer shows off Move AI's motion capture capability with impressive dance routine
Reddit User @Skolas3654 (@peacock_games on X)

In a recent online showcase, the solo indie game developer behind "Peacock Games" shared their initial foray into motion capture technology using Move AI's "Move One" app, which remarkably requires no suit or external markers, just a smartphone.

The developer, who is currently developing the atmospheric adventure game "Velarune," detailed their process in a Reddit post titled "Finally got access to MoveAI’s motion capture system. No suit, no external markers, just one phone, and a groove" that contained some truly stunning dancing.

Utilizing the MoveOne app available on the AppStore, the developer captured dance moves that were then exported to Blender and retargeted to a mannequin using the Auto Rig Pro tool, before being implemented into Unreal Engine for the game's development.

The simplicity and affordability of Move AI’s technology mark a significant step for independent game developers, who typically face budget constraints. The animation results of the dance, shared by the developer, highlight the system's ease of use and quality of output, even without subsequent editing or cleanup.

While acknowledging that slower movements yield more consistent results, the developer also noted the potential for quick actions and turns, demonstrating the versatility of the MoveOne app for various animation needs within game development.

This hands-on account from a developer at the helm of Peacock Games illustrates the transformative impact that innovative tech like Move AI can have on solo and indie game development.

Move AI’s app, as described, enables animators and creators to perform motion capture in any setting using just their phone, streamlining the animation process and offering a glimpse into a future where sophisticated game design tools are increasingly accessible to creators of all levels.

For the indie community, experiences like these signal a shift towards more autonomous and efficient game production methodologies.

You can find out more about Peacock Games on X and wishlist Velarune on Steam. If the game is half as good as the dancing, it's going to be awesome!

(Move AI's official website has everything you need to know about their technology and the Move One app.)

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