Silent Hill Inspired Scene Created Using Unreal Engine 5.2 Lumen

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Silent Hill Inspired Scene Created Using Unreal Engine 5.2 Lumen
Pasquale Scionti

Toronto-based Principal Lighting/Lookdev Artist at Tornbanner Studios, Pasquale Scionti, continues to captivate the game development community. Known for his previous works such as the Dark Souls-inspired Unreal Engine environment, Cyberpunk environment, and The Witcher's Hut, Scionti has now unveiled WIP shots of an impressive Silent Hill-inspired scene, created using Unreal Engine 5.2 Lumen.

The Silent Hill franchise has always been synonymous with psychological horror, eerie atmospheres, and haunting visuals, making it a challenging yet rewarding subject for any artist to tackle. However, Scionti rises to the occasion, successfully capturing the essence of Silent Hill's nightmarish ambience in this latest creation.

The Silent Hill franchise has seen a resurgence after years of rumours and speculation. Konami, the publisher behind the series, has confirmed that they are working on a remake of Silent Hill 2, developed by Bloober Team. However, as of now, no official release date has been announced for the remake on PS5 and PC.

You can follow the latest developments of Pasquale on Twitter and ArtStation.

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